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HYDROGEN: Our Future

We specialize in the design and construction of industrial-grade electrolysis plants for hydrogen, while continuously advancing research on hydrogen to enhance its utilization as a renewable energy source.

Multiple services, one common goal.

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How Electrolysis Works

Comprehensive Solutions for Hydrogen Production

We deliver turnkey solutions for hydrogen production and recovery systems across a
variety of applications. Our holistic approach encompasses all phases of the project.


Research and Development






Project management




Maintenance and Monitoring

Electrolysis systems

Manufacturing Electrolysers

We stand by our PEM and AEM electrolysers, Italian-built and leveraging Italian
technology, delivering an exceptional H2 purity of 99.999% and approaching 80%
efficiency under ideal conditions. These systems can provide up to 200 Nm3/h per MWe of hydrogen production.

Technologies Used:

Polymer Membrane Electrolysers

Alkaline Electrolysers

Electrolysers based on the innovative AMSE® technology


In-House H2E Lab

Research and Development

H2Energy is a vibrant and innovative company with a
robust belief in Research and Development. It operates an
in-house materials development and testing laboratory.
This, combined with the knowledge and experience of our team, enables us to innovate new technologies and methodologies to enhance the performance and efficiency of hydrogen production and recovery systems.

Low-Temperature Electrolysis: We work on the advancement of existing electrolysis systems and the creation of novel technologies that enable direct hydrogen pressure build-up within the electrolysis stack, featuring very low crossover.

Research on new catalysts, membranes, tests on electrolytic cells, with the aim of increasing efficiency

"We are wholeheartedly committed and proud of our work, looking towards a future where the use of fossil fuels is left behind. We have what it takes to play a leading role in this revolution!"

Claudio Mascialino

Co-Founder and CEO

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H2 Energy actively participates in the most significant trade fairs and events in the industry to showcase its products and the latest advancements in hydrogen technology and applications. Additionally, we engage in leading conferences and workshops from a scientific standpoint, contributing to sustainable development and the proliferation of hydrogen.

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