Lombard Hydrogen supply chain has been established. In November the first meeting

The Lombard Hydrogen supply chain has been established by the Regional Authority on the model proposed by the European Union. Entrepreneurship, Foundations, Research Institutions are united in a single entity that speaks of energy transition, follows the hydrogen bandwagon, and wants to develop synergies and competitiveness starting from the territory. Leading the Lombard group with the role of proponent and leader is H2Energy, the Italian company that produces electrolyzers that has already started and presented last May, the first Italian green hydrogen plant of 1MW, in its facilities in the province of Cremona.

In November first meeting of the Lombard hydrogen supply

The first meeting of the Lombard hydrogen supply chain will take place at H2Energy’s Pizzighettone facilities in early November. The aim is to establish working groups on research and development, green hydrogen production, industrial conversion, strengthening synergies, and creating partnerships to access future regional tenders. H2Energy aims to create an ecosystem, especially on the side of strategic suppliers and university research institutes. “We felt a strong need to stimulate the birth of this supply chain,” explains Paolo Carrera, general manager of H2E. “We want to continue producing in Italy. We were born with the idea of producing Italian green hydrogen and aggregating skills and capital. We know that the Italian hydrogen ecosystem needs to be encouraged, and we are excited to lead Lombardy because the logic of supply chains that are developing in the territories promoted by the regions is a key to incentivizing development.”
H2Energy’s goal is to create an ecosystem, especially on the side of strategic suppliers and university research institutes (H2E already has an innovative hydrogen laboratory and is developing a proprietary technology that has already been patented, which further reduces environmental impact and allows for lower production costs) and be ready for new production sites, thus creating synergies to access subsidized funds. In fact, H2E plans to build a new site for electrolyzer production in 2024. Additionally, the company aims to educate the supply chain about energy transition, promote training/information meetings for schools in the area, and spread culture about green hydrogen.

Who are the players of the Lombard hydrogen supply

In addition to the five academic and research centers, such as the National Interuniversity Consortium for Materials Science and Technology. (INSTM), the Polytechnic University of Milan, the University of Milan Bicocca, the State University of Milan, and the University of Brescia, the companies in the supply chain are: C3R Energia s.r.l., BFE S.r.l. Bonney Forge, Cavagna Group S.p.a., CED Ingegneria S.r.l., COSTACURTA S.p.a. VICO, CREACONSULTING S.r.l., DH2-HUB S.r.l., ECOMEMBRANE S.p.a., ELEVEN-ONE S.R.L., EPOX-CO2 s.r.l., ESE Engineering Services for energy S.r.l., ESEA 2G S.r.l., FEDABO S.p.a. Bcompany, Galperti Engineering and Flow Control S.p.a., H.V.M. – HIGH VACUUM MAINTENANCE S.R.L., HARPACEAS S.r.l., Hydroalp S.r.l., Lucchini Energy S.r.l., MEKKANICA S.r.l. , OMAL S.p.a. , ORINGONE S.r.l., PERSICO S.p.a., Petroceramics SpA, Polytec S.p.A., PROTEC SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES S.r.l., REGAS S.p.a., RESNOVA s.r.l., SECOM S.r.l., TECNOHIT S.r.l.,

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