The first green hydrogen Italian system

primo impianto italiano di idrogeno verde

H2 Energy has successfully established the first industrial-scale green hydrogen plant in Italy, boasting a modular and easily maintainable design. The technology, based on PEM and AMSE solutions, allows for efficient hydrogen production from renewable sources, supporting load shifting and finding applications in various industrial processes.

As Europe aims for emission reductions and renewable energy targets, H2 Energy’s plant is a stepping stone towards meeting these goals. The company plans to expand its capacity to 50 MW and contribute significantly to the 40 GW target set for hydrogen production in Europe by 2030.

Claudio Mascialino, H2 Energy’s CEO, emphasizes the importance of pioneering efforts in green hydrogen technology to ensure a sustainable future. The company’s innovations aim to lower costs and achieve greater efficiency, making hydrogen a viable alternative for a renewable future.

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