Green hydrogen, by 2024 the first electrolyser gigafactory in Italy

H2 Energy, an Italian company founded by Saro Capozzoli, Claudio Mascialino, and Riccardo Ducoli, plans to establish a gigafactory in Italy for the production of stack and electrolysis systems by 2024The gigafactory aims to employ at least 350 people and will focus on technologies such as alkaline, PEM, and AEM electrolysis. H2Energy aims to produce 7 MW of hydrogen in 2022, surpassing 30 MW in 2023, and eventually exceeding 100 MW in 2024.

H2 Energy recently showcased a 1 MW PEM electrolyser at the Hannover Industrial Technology Fair, which is the first of five units commissioned for Southern Italy. The company’s goal is to become a leader in electrolysis technology, optimize research on membrane-based electrolysers, and build a test bench area for prototype validation.

Focusing on green hydrogen production on an industrial scale, H2 Energy received initial requests from various sectors, including food production and airport logistics. They are exploring partnerships with the Port of Tallinn and several European airports for hydrogen applications. H2 Energy also emphasizes the importance of localized hydrogen production to minimize costs and improve efficiency.

Overall, H2 Energy aims to establish Italy as a hub for green hydrogen production, reduce reliance on foreign suppliers, and contribute to the country’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.

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